Master's of Education Show Pieces

Throughout completing my master's degree, I was asked to explore a range of topics. These topics were varied from my personal belief of education, appropriate learning styles, issues surrounding minorities, and athletic development. The pieces should represent the variety of ways knowledge can be presented. I have created learning logs, articles, essays, syllabus, and lesson plans. My master's degree opened my eyes to different forms of teaching and how specific academic situations call for a variety of teaching and learning methods. To explore the evolution of my projects and some opinions around education and athletics, please click the designated buttons below. After reading, please contact me with questions, comments, or areas for me to pursue further. For more information regarding the courses I took, please direct your attention to my Annotated Transcript.

Learning Methods

My Initial Thoughts on the Learning Practice

Learning comes in many forms. Formal papers are not the only way to express learning. Expressing an opinion or exploring a topic can be completed through a simple journal entry or even a blog. This piece represents my first thoughts on teaching and learning.

My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy encompasses an active learner setting that puts the students' learning first. My philosophy has highly evolved since the beginning of my graduate program. I used to believe being the head of the classroom meant I was the master of a given topic. The Teaching in Postsecondary Education course developed my appreciation towards learner-centered teaching.

An example of Utilizing Education Inquiry

The purpose of this piece was to look at another person's life and examine how they used education inquiry. I plan on introducing this concept to the students I work with in the future.  This concept allows education seekers to grow intellectually through their own determination. If I can present my students with an example of how self-teaching can create unforeseen paths for their future education and life, I have the opportunity to aid in my students' life-long journey to seek knowledge.

Educational Tools

Constructing a Syllabus Workshop

An Example of an Instructional Plan

I've never created a syllabus prior to the course Teaching in Postsecondary Education.  My thought process of creating my first syllabus is explained through this piece. The reasoning behind my construction builds on my philosophy of teaching. Again, this is not a sound syllabus, but a general, first-time, creation. Any pointers are welcomed!

After creating a syllabus, I was asked to create an instructional plan for a classroom. My instructional plan stemmed from the Riverview Church's Sunday School's weekly lesson plan. Since I teach there regularly and I had never created a lesson plan before, I took the outline of what they presented and added in the flairs I use on a weekly basis. While reading, you will see the homage I pay towards their work, the outline of my instructional plan, the expected outcome, and the possible complications I could be faced with (or have faced already).

Minorities Battle for their right to Education:

Women's Roles in Higher Education

A woman's ability to attend a university was not always guaranteed and even if she did, her acceptance didn't mean she could enroll in any department. Her available study options were limited. Even if a woman received a degree, the likelihood of her utilizing it was slim. As a woman, it was saddening to discover how difficult it was for women to receive an education and use the knowledge she possessed. I gained a whole new respect towards my mother and the women before her who fought for their right to educate themselves. Their persistence gave me the right and determination to pursue my own education.

A Piece on Equal Rights in Education

I examine some of the academic struggles African Americans have faced since the Civil War. I chose this picture to represent this piece because it was taken in Cape Town, South Africa January 2016. Discrimination and segregation continue to thrive around the world and even in our own country. We think of equality issues as a topic of the past, but some of the major milestones happened just over 50 years ago, which means most of our grandparents witness these events take place. I feel learning about the inequalities of the past can help us understand why people are fighting for the rights of others.

Athlete Development

Female Triad Project

A newsletter or a handout can be another way to present a topic in an interesting manner. I expose an under appreciated health trifecta female athletes face that can cause many risks for their safety in their sport and their health. Being a former woman athlete, I remember coaches and teammates who promoted not having a period and remaining under a certain weight. The handout format can be an opportunity for athletes to have a quick read and still take comprehend the important information. The importance of the female triad needs to be respected and presented more often.

A Gymnastics' Season Program Plan

Being a gymnast for 13 years, I was able to experience different programs.  I can see how my coaches changed their plans due to the age of the athlete, intensity needed to excel, and competitive level. Utilizing these factors, I attempted to create my first start to finish season program. I signed up for this class to gain a coach's perspective.  As before, I'm always open to ideas and thoughts to improve my program planning for collegiate athletes.